As The Dawn Follows The Night (By A.Z.K. Sherdil)

First Hundred Days (By A.Z.K. Sherdil)

Institutions Not Individuals (Dawn Lahore - Thursday, July 28, 2007. By A.Z.K. Sherdil)

Another view on brewing crisis for Shahbaz

The Lal Masjid tragedy and the need for National Reconciliation (By A.Z.K. Sherdil)

Speech at Govt. College Sahiwal Convocation (By A.Z.K. Sherdil)

Speech of Mr. A.Z.K. Sherdil, Chief Secretary Punjab to 71st NMC

Last Lecture



Former Chief Secretary Punjab / Balochistan, Principal Secretary to PM Pakistan and Chairman Bank of the Punjab. A tribute with photographs, videos and biographic details of Mr. Sherdil. Developed by BeaconHouse National Univ. (BNU) Institute of Public Policy (IPP) where Mr. Sherdil worked. Mr. AZK Sherdil passed away on Feb 16, 2011, or 12th Rabi ul Awal